Milk price in the A segment rises to CHF 0.78 per kg


The price for raw milk in the A-segment will increase by CHF 0.05 to CHF 0.78 per kilogram. This was decided at the meeting of the executive board of “BO Milch” on March 2. The higher price for dairy milk in the A segment is valid from April 16, 2022. Normally, the prices are set at the beginning of the quarter. The reason for the two-week delay of the increase is due to the short deadline for implementing this decision at all trade levels. At the same time, the executive board has decided to fix this target price until the end of 2022. This gives the dairy industry planning predictability and stability.

Further information:
Stefan Kohler, Geschäftsführer BO Milch, 031 381 71 11 / 078 828 18 58

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